A Tale of Two Chicas

Meet the Chicas March 17, 2011

Pittsburgh Chica: Sonia

I came to Pittsburgh for two reasons: for grad school and something different. Yeah, I regret leaving Chicago. It was and still is hard trying to adjust. I’m still trying to find my way. You will notice in older posts that I speak of a boo. Well, that didn’t turn out so good. I basically felt more miserable than I did when I first came, got mad depressed, lost over 20 pounds, left Pittsburgh immediately for Chicago for a brief moment in the summer (which was around the time of my one year anniversary living here) and lost my only friend in Pittsburgh to the Navy. Now, I’m back stronger than ever. Momma’ didn’t raise no punk. I may appear a little lame and sarcastic but I’m actually the nicest and coolest girl you will ever meet. Period. Every one that knows me can attest to that. I’m cute, 25, drink way too much and hustlin’ to get shit done so I can shove everything back in my little Chevy Cavalier and go back home to Chicago. Deal with it.

Chicago Chica: Yessica

I was born and raised in the wonderful city of Chicago a.k.a. The “Windy City“. I graduated from Columbia College last May with a B.A. in Marketing Communications. I have a full time job and a full time social schedule. Life here can get a bit crazy. As much as I love Chicago for all of its delicious food, buzzing night life and super weak single scene, I try to make the most of it. When the discussion comes up about just the possibility of leaving Chicago, these are my usual responses:

1. “Why would you ever want to leave Chicago?”

2. “Ugh, New York City. Really?”

3. “Chicago has the best of everything. You’re crazy.”

I’ve had my eye on New York City since 2009. With the right opportunities, connections and most importantly the right job, some how I’ll somehow make my way over there.


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