A Tale of Two Chicas

“You are my son and the one true king…” October 25, 2011

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Is it sad that I literally cannot get over the Lion King in 3D movie? I seriously forgot just how dope that movie was. I even forgot how hilarious Timone & Pumba were! I love how I understand it more as an adult. As a youngin’ all the talking lions and animals were entertaining enough rather than the story line. Also, I’m not afraid to admit that I cried two times during the movie: when Mufasa died and when his ghost appeared before Simba. My friend was literally like, “Are you okay!?!” I love, love, love the message the movie sends when Mufasa’s ghost appears before Simba.

Look inside yourself kiddies. You are more than what you have become. Most importantly, remember who you are! Yeah, like I said, it’s pretty sad that I enjoyed it that much.


I love us October 24, 2011

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I’m not happy with my job. I do it just to pay the rent. However, there’s another reason why I don’t want to leave. The people there are just too damn cool. It’s an amazing organization to work for not only because of the services they provide for the community, obviously, but also because the employees are treated right.

They let me leave immediately for 2 1/2 weeks for health purposes and I returned with my job waiting for me. It wasn’t until then I realized I met some amazing and caring people. People I’ve known for only 5 months and they have shown great concern for me. I can honestly say I call these, about 4 or 5, people my friends. While I was at home (basically laying around until I left to get my flight back home to Chicago), my co-worker/friend offered to bring me food because I literally wasn’t eating for days.

I thought about that today as I experienced another act of kindness from another co-worker/friend. He had a big plate of chocolate covered strawberries and said, “Sonia, let’s go to the cafeteria and eat these.” Let me tell you, those strawberries were bomb.

I thought about how it’s funny the way things work out. You think you know a person. You think you can trust them. You think they mean it when they make promises or claim their loyalty. But, you really don’t know if they’re good on their word, loyalty, trust or whatever until it’s put to the test. It’s a good thing though because it weeds out the people that don’t deserve your presence, love, trust and loyalty. A little good karma plays into it as well. While you may have lost a person or two, a group of amazing individuals (even strangers) show up to let you know that they’re here for you. I have tons of stories about bomb people that have been nothing but kind to me. That’s all that matters. As my Katie bear would say, “I love us.”


Protected: Last night was funny because… October 23, 2011

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Be Jealous: Joshua Radin Edition October 22, 2011

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On today’s Be Jealous: Joshua Radin Edition, I’ve attached a picture below of Joshua Radin replying to my question I sent to him via Twitter. For those that do not know Joshua Radin, he’s this bomb indie musician.

See? I’m his favorite person he follows on Twitter. He might find me entertaining because I’m a hot mess but nonetheless I’m his favorite. Be jealous.


Change of Halloween plans October 21, 2011

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So, for Halloween I wanted to be something slutty because I was never anything slutty before. My girl came up with the idea of being a Playboy bunny. I’m searching Halloween stores with no real success. Playboy has costumes but not the bunny costumes. I end up finding an “original Playboy classic bunny costume” on Amazon.

Tell me why, I open the package yesterday afternoon and it’s NOT an “original Playboy classic bunny costume.” Instead, it’s a ghetto, bootleg Playboy reject bunny costume. To make matters worse, I can’t return it.

So, I’m thinking and thinking of a Plan B (because every girl needs a Plan B, no pun intended, haha, I kill myself sometimes…) and I decided to be a slutty, reject, coked-out ex-Playboy bunny. How’s that for creativity! You’re very welcome for the smiles I put on your faces today. Deuces!


Protected: Rampage October 20, 2011

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A conversation between two Chicagoans living in Pittsburgh October 17, 2011

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Random Chicago dude (RCD): “What’s that on your wrist?”

Me: “A tattoo.”

RCD: “But what is it of?”

Me: “It’s the Sears Tower.”

RCD: “You’re from Chicago?”

Me: “Yeah.”

RCD: “Me too, born and raised.”

Me: “Oh yeah? What are you doing here?”

RCD: “Man, I don’t know man…”

Me: “No worries. I tell myself that all the time – every day. No joke.”