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Father approved road tripping music October 14, 2011

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On my drive to Chicago with my dad last weekend, I was flipping through radio stations the whole ride because I needed good driving music and I never found a decent station I liked. I would keep it on one station and change it, like, five minutes later because they would start playing something whack. All I can say is thank god they didn’t play that whack shit song by Lil Wayne, ‘How to love.’ I swear I want to punch (on a bad day I sometimes want to kick it in with my heel) my car radio every time they play it, which is like every 10 minutes. You know some shit was in that weed he was smoking the night he recorded that song.

Anyways, I’m driving and this station starts playing a song I don’t like and I proceed to change the station. Before I go on, note that my dad does not speak one word of English. Okay, I start to change the station, then, this happened:

“Why did you change it?,” my dad asked.

“Because I don’t like that song,” I replied a little confused.

“Why? That’s a nice song,” he said.

What song was it that my non-English speaking father likes, you ask? It was this one my friends:


New segment: Last night was funny because… October 13, 2011

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I, Sonia (SOH-NEE-UH), the girl that brought you Be Jealous, bring to you (my two readers) a new segment called Last night was funny because….

Let’s get started. Last night was funny because…

1. I was that drunk girl at the bar dancing to Soulja Boy’s ‘Pretty Boy Swag.’ Don’t you dare judge me.

2. This random white boy ran up to me and started juking on me (which I had no problem with, by the way).

3. I only had lunch yesterday and I drank so much that I stuffed my face in a bag full of chips just so I can get some type of carbs in my system to soak up the alcohol.

Ah, yes. The life of a single girl living in Pittsburgh.


Let me explain this again… October 10, 2011

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My name is Sonia with an “i” not with a “j” or “y.” Just remember it’s the Mexican version. The “y” and the “j” are more common spellings of the name for white and black people. It’s true. Don’t act like it’s not.

Also, it’s pronounced “SOH-NEE-UH” not “SAHN-YUH.” Again, Mexican version. Get it straight, people.


Protected: Jugglin’ October 6, 2011

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Over my dead body complicatedness September 15, 2011

I got a letter from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency saying that I must have my vehicle tested for emissions before the December 31st deadline. Now, the easy way would be to transfer my vehicle over to Pennsylvania. In order to do that, I would also have to change my residency.

Um, no. That is not happening. Over my freaking dead rotting body.

So instead I have to fly my dad in (because he’s terrified of me driving alone for a long amount of time and distance and because he freaking has trouble cutting off the damn umbilical cord), drive with him to Chicago, drive back with him to Pittsburgh and finally drop him back off the airport for his flight back to Chicago. All this before December 31st.

Like I said, over my damn dead forsaken body. Chicagoan for life, ese.


There IS some humanity left in Pittsburgh September 11, 2011

This afternoon I headed to the Round Corner Cantina because I had a taste for their bomb tortas. Being that today is the Bears home opener, I decided to rock my Bears tee. So I was chilling, eating my torta, watching the Ravens open a can on the Steelers and constantly checking my phone getting my Bears update. The owner of Round Corner walks up to me and says something.

“What was that?” I asked.

“We can put the Bears game on for you,” he said.

I wanted to cry. You kind, kind man. Being the sweet-fucking-heart that I am, I thanked him but declined the offer because I didn’t want to inconvenience the other customers. I probably should have made him change it though. I would’ve been doing everyone a favor because the Steelers are getting a good whooping right now. Anyways, moral of the story is that I officially love that man.


Scary crazy people September 5, 2011

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So there’s this crazy dude wandering around the airport screaming like a damn fool on his phone.

“…Because I’ve been sitting in a hotel in goddamn Pittsburgh!!!”

Look, dude, Pittsburgh pisses me off too but cut it out. You’re scaring the shit out of everyone. Thanks!