A Tale of Two Chicas

Let’s go Bucs!!! April 9, 2011

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Last night, I finally got the chance to do something I’ve always wanted to do in Pittsburgh: Catch a baseball game at PNC Park.

Everyone close to me knows I’m a baseball girl. I love baseball. Mainly because it’s a good old American sport where the game still means something. No politics, no drama.

Three co-workers were nice enough to invite me. I have very little friends here. I can count them all on one hand (one of them being my boyfriend). So it’s always nice to be invited somewhere.

My co-worker and I snuck into seats behind home plate. That is, until an employee kicked us out of seats that the three of us knew were never going to be filled. Oh well.

We eventually went to our original seats and sat in the bleachers, which were even more bomb. One of the outfielders even threw a baseball straight towards me. I never seen so many guys jump right in front of me all at once. I decided to stay back and let them wrestle each other.

No baseball for me. Maybe next time.