A Tale of Two Chicas

Make ice cream with ONE ingredient May 13, 2011

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Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either but it’s true. My boo thang found a link on Reddit that shows you how to make ice cream with one ingredient and no fancy schmancy equipment is needed. It’s also very healthy and vegetarian/vegan friendly. Check it out here.

You can all forward your thank you letters to my boo’s personal assistant.


Bombtown May 4, 2011

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My boyfriend is a mad Pittsburgh white boy. He’s as white as you can get. It’s cute though. I like it.

Since I’ve been hanging with him a lot, I’ve picked up some of his most used/popular phrases. There’s one word in particular that’s sticking to me. I couldn’t stop chuckling the first time I heard him use the word in a sentence.

And now, because of him, I can’t stop thinking that everything is “bomb.”

“Oh, what was that? You’re going white water rafting this weekend? That’s bomb, dude.”

A couple of weeks ago, the weather in Pittsburgh was really nice. I walked out the door one morning and said to myself out loud, “Bomb!”

Bomb this, bomb that, bomb everybody and their BM (baby momma). Yes, I guess you’re bomb too.

Lucky for me, I also have slightly amusing phrases that have stuck on to him. I really like bomb though.