A Tale of Two Chicas

Unbelieva-BULL! May 16, 2011

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My boo thang and I never officially discussed or voted on the best play in last night’s Bulls vs. Heat game. But our combined, “Woah!,” pretty much made this the best play of the night. Pure bombness.


Bombtown May 4, 2011

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My boyfriend is a mad Pittsburgh white boy. He’s as white as you can get. It’s cute though. I like it.

Since I’ve been hanging with him a lot, I’ve picked up some of his most used/popular phrases. There’s one word in particular that’s sticking to me. I couldn’t stop chuckling the first time I heard him use the word in a sentence.

And now, because of him, I can’t stop thinking that everything is “bomb.”

“Oh, what was that? You’re going white water rafting this weekend? That’s bomb, dude.”

A couple of weeks ago, the weather in Pittsburgh was really nice. I walked out the door one morning and said to myself out loud, “Bomb!”

Bomb this, bomb that, bomb everybody and their BM (baby momma). Yes, I guess you’re bomb too.

Lucky for me, I also have slightly amusing phrases that have stuck on to him. I really like bomb though.