A Tale of Two Chicas

Chicago’s Champions May 27, 2011

I would write about the bogus calls the referees made at last night’s Chicago Bulls game. I would also write about the disgusting TNT announcers that glorified Lebron’s terrific acting skills on national television. Which fyi, can be seen here. Derrick Rose didn’t touch him. The refs knew it. The NBA knew it. Everyone knew it. The NBA just disgusts me right now.

Yeah, I can go on and on about how Chicago got screwed over. People would agree with me too. Whatever though because to the NBA, I’m just another irrelevant fanatic Joe Schmoe whose opinions don’t matter. But with all that said, in my heart, the Bulls still won game 5 in the series. That game belonged to them. They’re good guys with big dreams that played with true heart. The Bulls are Chicago’s champions. Derrick Rose is Chicago’s MVP.

The NBA can take away Chicago’s chances at another championship but they will never take away Chicago’s love for our boys in red. That’s all that matters in the end.


Chop, chop! May 24, 2011

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Excuse me, professor, but my boo thang told me to move your ass. We have a very important Bulls game to watch. Much appreciated!


My daddy sent me a package… May 19, 2011

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Unbelieva-BULL! May 16, 2011

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My boo thang and I never officially discussed or voted on the best play in last night’s Bulls vs. Heat game. But our combined, “Woah!,” pretty much made this the best play of the night. Pure bombness.


You suck! April 29, 2011

When I arrived home after work Wednesday afternoon, I found that my Chicago Bulls car flag finally came in the mail.

I was so stoked that I immediately put the flag on my car and drove to class with the windows down and music blasting. I was driving for no more than 30 seconds until this Pittsburgh yinzer screams, “You suck!” I immediately rolled up my windows and opted to turn on the AC. God forbid, I have to hear another one of these fools yell at me.

I thought about it and I guess it was a bad day to be riding around in Bulls gear. The Penguins were playing Game 7 in their playoff series and it was the chatter all throughout town. The Penguins ended up being eliminated, by the way.

Last night, I was telling my boyfriend how I still couldn’t believe someone screamed, “You suck,” at me. He brought up a good point right after that.

He said that if I was riding around in Chicago with a Pittsburgh Penguins car flag people would think, “Pittsburgh Penguins? What’s that?” He said since everyone in Pittsburgh knows who the Bulls are, of course people were going to scream, “You suck.” I couldn’t stop laughing because it’s so true.

I added that I would like to conduct an experiment. I would ride around Chicago with my car decked out in Penguins gear and tally not how many people would scream, “You suck,” at me (because that would never even happen in the first place) but rather how many people would give me the, “What the hell are Pittsburgh Penguins?” look.

I will be back with the results at a later date.