A Tale of Two Chicas

“You are my son and the one true king…” October 25, 2011

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Is it sad that I literally cannot get over the Lion King in 3D movie? I seriously forgot just how dope that movie was. I even forgot how hilarious Timone & Pumba were! I love how I understand it more as an adult. As a youngin’ all the talking lions and animals were entertaining enough rather than the story line. Also, I’m not afraid to admit that I cried two times during the movie: when Mufasa died and when his ghost appeared before Simba. My friend was literally like, “Are you okay!?!” I love, love, love the message the movie sends when Mufasa’s ghost appears before Simba.

Look inside yourself kiddies. You are more than what you have become. Most importantly, remember who you are! Yeah, like I said, it’s pretty sad that I enjoyed it that much.


I’m the crazy lady that cries at work July 13, 2011

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I just embarrassed myself today and made a stranger and her child feel incredibly awkward. This woman comes in with her child and all I could think about is how he resembles my 12-year-old nephew both physically and socially. He was very tall, dark, chubby, quiet as a mouse and introverted just like my nephew.

I’m speaking with the woman while I continuously glance at the boy and I start to get teary and choke up. She didn’t say anything but from the look on her face she became uncomfortable and probably thought I was a crazy idiot (and rightfully so).

How embarrassing.