A Tale of Two Chicas

annoyance. May 16, 2011

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Its annoying when people say:

“Wow, why are you single?”

“How can you not have a boyfriend?”

“Damn, your last relationship might have really messed you up.”

“You’re still heartbroken.”

All equally annoying. I’m not single because I’m messed up. I’m not single because I have a “huge wall”. Those who knew me prior to my last relationship would know that I’ve always been this cautious, cool, collective type of person. With reserved emotions and chicken shit tendencies. It’s not new information people.


cha-cha-cha-changes! May 5, 2011

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I could not be anymore excited for the end of this month to be here already. I’m making big changes for myself and cannot wait to get out of the westside of Chicago. June 1st, I’ll be back in the lovely downtown working in the Loop! (That’s where my heart is.)

As soon as I heard of the opportunity to move locations, I immediately took it. The reasons are simple:

1. I love the loop, its where I do all my business. Networking, events, volunteering.
2. It gets me closer to my other temp project/job, which I’m absolutely in love with and want to dedicate more time to.
3. Its an environmental change that I need to happen so I can continue to grow professionally.
I don’t understand how my decision to move is interpreted as “surprising” to others. C’mon people change is a good thing! 🙂 But seriously though, I developed a lot as a person working in the westside under the circumstances I encountered. I feel as though I can walk away knowing I did gain a level of maturity. I don’t think I was aware of that growth happening during my time there. Nevertheless, the mix of frustrations I experienced are important. I think of it as a series of mini challenges which constantly tested my ability to coexist during somewhat unfavorable times. I like to maintain a level of honesty with people, which I now realize most people cannot handle. I can truthfully say that my lack of filter is modified because of this. I’m thrilled, ecstatic, and could not be any happier for this change to happen. I know in my gut as well as my heart its the right thing to do. New opportunities are waiting for me, new people and most importantly new growth.

Peace out, its 5am.