A Tale of Two Chicas

Change of Halloween plans October 21, 2011

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So, for Halloween I wanted to be something slutty because I was never anything slutty before. My girl came up with the idea of being a Playboy bunny. I’m searching Halloween stores with no real success. Playboy has costumes but not the bunny costumes. I end up finding an “original Playboy classic bunny costume” on Amazon.

Tell me why, I open the package yesterday afternoon and it’s NOT an “original Playboy classic bunny costume.” Instead, it’s a ghetto, bootleg Playboy reject bunny costume. To make matters worse, I can’t return it.

So, I’m thinking and thinking of a Plan B (because every girl needs a Plan B, no pun intended, haha, I kill myself sometimes…) and I decided to be a slutty, reject, coked-out ex-Playboy bunny. How’s that for creativity! You’re very welcome for the smiles I put on your faces today. Deuces!