A Tale of Two Chicas

An Idea of Sorts August 13, 2011

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Imagine what you want. Break down the details and yet see no solution. Or maybe the solution you see isn’t the one that you expected and much less wanted.

An idea so simple yet so powerful. To love an idea is such a false misconception one brought upon ourselves daily. We learn to trust, believe and have faith in ideas. Willing to learn and forgive with the hopes of our own personal growth.

Perception is foolish. Doing what makes you feel good isn’t always easy. What feels good is sometimes more dangerous than you may think. A grand risk taken each time makes you wonder: “Am I really this crazy?” —¬†Yeah, probably.

We welcome everything we want in our lives to happen. Sometimes it gets hard, misinterpreted, often miscommunicated. When does square one begin again? Or why do we even bother to continue with the same idea again?

The love of an idea can be a very scary feeling. The love of something that isn’t attainable, real or even physical – that can be the most dangerous to yourself.


dreams, or something. June 7, 2011

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I keep having this reoccuring dream where I’m living through a series of past events. I continue to feel hopeless and I begin to cry. I want an explanation about something yet I can never seem to ask the question fully. I stop myself because I’m too scared, too unsure and so nervous. So weird right? It shouldn’t have to be that way but its what I’ve been dreaming. I don’t like it.

There is no worst feeling than when your mind gets so hung up on idea that you cannot carry out on. I think I want something or I’m looking for something, obviously I’m having no luck.