A Tale of Two Chicas

Pittsburgh indie fix May 7, 2011

I love indie pop rock. I’m a spoiled big city girl. Chicago thrives with amazing indie music concerts. You want to know what sucks about loving indie pop rock and living in Pittsburgh? None of those indie pop rock musicians ever come to Pittsburgh (with the exception of Joshua Radin and his show sold out, by the way).

I know my two friends and boo thang will kill me after they read this because I nag on Pittsburgh constantly. But, I don’t blame a lot of these artists for not stopping in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is not all that. They aren’t missing much.

However, you know how people are always saying to stop complaining and do something about it? Well, I thought about it and I came up with a solution to the non-existing indie scene in Pittsburgh. I decided to post up music videos of my favorite indie pop rock bands. Maybe, I can get some of my Pittsburgh friends to like the bands and increase the fan base of some of these bands in Pittsburgh. Then maybe, some of these bands will starting adding shows in Pittsburgh because people actually like them here.

You can all forward your “thank you” letters to my personal assistant.

Now, let’s start off with the very first artist that got me into indie pop rock. Below is Kate Nash with “Foundations.” She brilliantly compares her troubled relationship to a cracked foundation. Love it! The video is bomb, too.