A Tale of Two Chicas

Be jealous April 15, 2011

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Last night, I dragged the boo thang to the KT Tunstall concert at Mr. Small’s Theatre. I love love love KT Tunstall! Yes, it was love at first listen. Right before she went on stage, I take a walk to the merchandise table. I see this signed poster, freak out and immediately take out my money.

As the guy starts rolling up a poster he picked up from behind the table, I stop him and say with a slight pout, “Wait, that one isn’t signed.”

“Oh, you’re right. Sorry about that. You’re actually getting the last one!” he replied.


I also saw signed CD’s in which she’s selling on this tour and you can’t get it anywhere else right now as they are only available for pre-order. Um, yeah, gimme that too!

My boo ended up enjoying the concert. All in all, it was a win-win situation.

Below is my favorite KT Tunstall song, ‘Ashes.’ You’re very welcome.