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Be Jealous: Joshua Radin Edition October 22, 2011

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On today’s Be Jealous: Joshua Radin Edition, I’ve attached a picture below of Joshua Radin replying to my question I sent to him via Twitter. For those that do not know Joshua Radin, he’s this bomb indie musician.

See? I’m his favorite person he follows on Twitter. He might find me entertaining because I’m a hot mess but nonetheless I’m his favorite. Be jealous.


Father approved road tripping music October 14, 2011

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On my drive to Chicago with my dad last weekend, I was flipping through radio stations the whole ride because I needed good driving music and I never found a decent station I liked. I would keep it on one station and change it, like, five minutes later because they would start playing something whack. All I can say is thank god they didn’t play that whack shit song by Lil Wayne, ‘How to love.’ I swear I want to punch (on a bad day I sometimes want to kick it in with my heel) my car radio every time they play it, which is like every 10 minutes. You know some shit was in that weed he was smoking the night he recorded that song.

Anyways, I’m driving and this station starts playing a song I don’t like and I proceed to change the station. Before I go on, note that my dad does not speak one word of English. Okay, I start to change the station, then, this happened:

“Why did you change it?,” my dad asked.

“Because I don’t like that song,” I replied a little confused.

“Why? That’s a nice song,” he said.

What song was it that my non-English speaking father likes, you ask? It was this one my friends:


Be jealous April 15, 2011

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Last night, I dragged the boo thang to the KT Tunstall concert at Mr. Small’s Theatre. I love love love KT Tunstall! Yes, it was love at first listen. Right before she went on stage, I take a walk to the merchandise table. I see this signed poster, freak out and immediately take out my money.

As the guy starts rolling up a poster he picked up from behind the table, I stop him and say with a slight pout, “Wait, that one isn’t signed.”

“Oh, you’re right. Sorry about that. You’re actually getting the last one!” he replied.


I also saw signed CD’s in which she’s selling on this tour and you can’t get it anywhere else right now as they are only available for pre-order. Um, yeah, gimme that too!

My boo ended up enjoying the concert. All in all, it was a win-win situation.

Below is my favorite KT Tunstall song, ‘Ashes.’ You’re very welcome.