A Tale of Two Chicas

Oh Chicagoness. April 11, 2011

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the move to NYC. I wonder often when it’s the right time to leave Chicago and haven’t been able to come up with a solid answer. I did however come up with a short reality check list to help me keep this whole NYC idea in perspective.

Rule #1. Don’t move to NYC if you cannot afford the lifestyle you want to have.

As much as a love the fast paced energy of New York City, I’ve come to realize that I do not want to put myself in a situation where I cannot maintain the lifestyle I want. For example, apartment space. Yes, yes, yes, I’ve heard horror stories on how small and ridiculously expensive apartments are in NY, but lets face it- its NEW YORK CITY. I’ve been to those tiny cramped multi roommate apartments and they are definitely not fun to be in for very long.

Above is a picture the limited space in some apartments that I’m referring to. YEAH, that does not look appealing and most importantly comfortable. I currently live in a two bedroom apartment with a living room, full bathroom (with a stand in shower and full bathtub) kitchen and patio. It’s a pretty neat place and has plenty of space, 2 blocks away from transportation and awesome. I really do love my apartment.

I’ll post up my other reality checklist rules over my next few posts.