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Pittsburgh Chica Update May 27, 2012

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I haven’t posted anything in a hot minute! And, looking back at all the old posts I have to admit that I got a little teary-eyed! I just can’t believe how lonely and miserable I was! That jerk of an ex-boyfriend really did a number on me, didn’t he?

I’m glad to report that things are soooo much better! I’m still with my man that I’ve been dating since December (and that I’ve known for over a year). He’s so good to me. For my birthday this past February, he surprised me with a basket of mangoes (my favorite fruit) with balloons (I mentioned how sad I was that I wasn’t going to get my yearly birthday balloons from my sister) tied to the basket. I’m such a lucky girl.

I hopefully will graduate with dual Master’s degree in December. I can’t wait to finally finish.

I also did end up getting a job within my agency in another department. I love my coworkers. Something crazy is always happening. My boyfriend cracks up with all the stories I tell him.

I love my life.


The List of Greats January 21, 2012

The ‘List of Greats’ is a list of men I’ve dated that have made a great impact on my life. It’s not a long list either. My college boyfriend was the only man on the list. Yes, he was the only one on the list until today.

Today, I can safely say that my man (whom we will now refer to as ‘my BFF’ for the purpose of this blog) has made the ‘List of Greats.’ I adore him. We established a genuine friendship long before we ever started dating. That’s why he’s my BFF. I genuinely considered him a good friend. Heck, he still is my good friend. When I dropped everything in Pittsburgh to leave for Chicago, he showed great concern for me when, let’s be honest here, he didn’t have to. Seriously. It wasn’t his obligation. He did it out of the goodness of his heart and because he was really worried about me.

My BFF has been the first good guy that I’ve dated since I broke up with my college boyfriend years ago. The dudes in between are honestly nothing but irrelevant and faded memories. They have faded from my thoughts and heart mainly because I knew I deserved to be treated better. I wasn’t asking to be treated like a princess. I was just asking for a little respect, consideration and affection.

I’ve tried to fix those relationships. I even tried “fixing” myself. In the end, I was always left emotionally unsatisfied and blaming myself for shit I shouldn’t have been blaming myself for in the first place. Dude after dude and I was left feeling more and more inadequate.

Our friendship was always innocent, simple and true. I guess we got closer towards the end of last summer. Yeah, he was hot and a nice guy on top of that. But, the thought of dating him never popped in my mind. Things just fell on our laps and, before you know it, we were inseparable.

I guess the fact that we already established a relationship as friends worked in our favor. I think it worked more in my favor because he’s shown undying kindness to me. Undying kindness to the point where I actually do feel like a princess.

He makes me feel like I deserve it too. I begged him that, no matter what happens, to please never make me feel inadequate. I will never forget what he told me. He said, “I want you to promise me something. I want you to promise to know and realize your worth. Don’t let the past or even me to determine your worth. I know your worth. But know that you’re smart, beautiful and funny.”

My college boyfriend was a good man. We lasted for 4 years. I just couldn’t give him the serious relationship he wanted. It was overwhelming me. It was a great relationship with a great man. However, people change. I changed. And, my relationship with my college boyfriend was fading away. Our time together ran its course.

I went through various changes and various men over the years. Through all of that, I’ve never forgotten my college boyfriend. That’s what makes him great. He’s forever engraved in me.

Now, I’m dating my friend. A great man who showers me with kisses and constantly tells me, “You’re gorgeous.” A great man that finds my stories heart warming and funny. A great man who values his relationships with his family and friends. A great man who will make me a better person no matter if our relationship flourishes or gently fades through time. That, my friends, deserves a spot on the ‘List of Greats.’


All I want for Christmas is workers’ comp. November 18, 2011

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My co-workers are freakin’ hilarious. I’m really going to miss this place. For those that don’t know, my contract ends in December and it’s not a guarantee that I’ll get hired by another department.

But back to my hilarious co-workers. The maintenance dudes are putting up the Christmas decorations and we’re just pretty much amused by it. They’re dropping the garland and ornaments all over the place.

One of my co-workers wants to get whacked either by the falling garland or a falling human being so he can claim that workers’ comp. My other co-worker suggested he slip on the ornament.

“It happens all the time,” he said.

“Yeah, dude. Haven’t you seen Home Alone?,” I add.

I seriously cannot stop laughing like an idiot right now.


Let it be known… November 2, 2011

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…That running into friends in the middle of the street (literally) in Pittsburgh always puts a huge smile on my face. I love life.


Life plan October 27, 2011

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Since I graduated with my bachelor’s in journalism in 2008 and never got that tv news reporter gig I always wanted, I’ve been kind of a lost soul. I didn’t have a Plan B and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. It was literally a, “Shit…now what?,” kind of thing. Even now, in grad school, I still want to do like 15 million different things. I think I’m starting to figure every thing out though. Slowly but surely. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I’m serious about it to the point where I’m making a checklist and timeline. My friends, below is just a rough draft of my Life Plan.

    Sonia’s Life Plan

•After not only feeling but being sheltered by my family, I want to live in different places, experience life and “see what’s out there.” Don’t get me wrong. I love my family. In Mexican culture, family is important. We stick together. We stay together. I’m very traditional when it comes to family. However, I felt so sheltered from the world. My parents had a heart attack when I moved out of the house at 21. I was literally 15 mins. away but it was still a huge deal. They died when I moved to Pittsburgh. I love, love, love my family but cut the damn umbilical cord. I plan to leave Pittsburgh once I finish school but, I realized I don’t want to move back to Chicago just yet. I plan live in the following places, each for a year (I’m still iffy on the order) and my parents are just going to have to deal with it:

-Seattle, WA
-Bend, OR
-Austin, TX
-Minneapolis, MN
-Montana (Don’t know where yet)
-Denver, CO

•Both my legal business/law and public relations for non-profits classes are inspiring me. With all the current law/legal issues I’m learning about and all the good I’m learning about non-profits, I really feel like I want to give my skills to organizations in need. Something that’s really intriguing me are opportunities in grant writing and reviewing grant proposals. Honestly, I don’t know where to start. I’ve never had experience in grant writing but that’s why I’m in school. I don’t know how to get my foot in the grant writing door but I’ll figure it out.

•When I’m done with the two bullet points above, I guess I’ll get married and pop out kids. Even though I’m not really into the idea of marriage & kids, I do need a daughter to pass down my mom’s ring.


“You are my son and the one true king…” October 25, 2011

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Is it sad that I literally cannot get over the Lion King in 3D movie? I seriously forgot just how dope that movie was. I even forgot how hilarious Timone & Pumba were! I love how I understand it more as an adult. As a youngin’ all the talking lions and animals were entertaining enough rather than the story line. Also, I’m not afraid to admit that I cried two times during the movie: when Mufasa died and when his ghost appeared before Simba. My friend was literally like, “Are you okay!?!” I love, love, love the message the movie sends when Mufasa’s ghost appears before Simba.

Look inside yourself kiddies. You are more than what you have become. Most importantly, remember who you are! Yeah, like I said, it’s pretty sad that I enjoyed it that much.


Change of Halloween plans October 21, 2011

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So, for Halloween I wanted to be something slutty because I was never anything slutty before. My girl came up with the idea of being a Playboy bunny. I’m searching Halloween stores with no real success. Playboy has costumes but not the bunny costumes. I end up finding an “original Playboy classic bunny costume” on Amazon.

Tell me why, I open the package yesterday afternoon and it’s NOT an “original Playboy classic bunny costume.” Instead, it’s a ghetto, bootleg Playboy reject bunny costume. To make matters worse, I can’t return it.

So, I’m thinking and thinking of a Plan B (because every girl needs a Plan B, no pun intended, haha, I kill myself sometimes…) and I decided to be a slutty, reject, coked-out ex-Playboy bunny. How’s that for creativity! You’re very welcome for the smiles I put on your faces today. Deuces!


Protected: Rampage October 20, 2011

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This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:


A conversation between two Chicagoans living in Pittsburgh October 17, 2011

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Random Chicago dude (RCD): “What’s that on your wrist?”

Me: “A tattoo.”

RCD: “But what is it of?”

Me: “It’s the Sears Tower.”

RCD: “You’re from Chicago?”

Me: “Yeah.”

RCD: “Me too, born and raised.”

Me: “Oh yeah? What are you doing here?”

RCD: “Man, I don’t know man…”

Me: “No worries. I tell myself that all the time – every day. No joke.”


New segment: Last night was funny because… October 13, 2011

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I, Sonia (SOH-NEE-UH), the girl that brought you Be Jealous, bring to you (my two readers) a new segment called Last night was funny because….

Let’s get started. Last night was funny because…

1. I was that drunk girl at the bar dancing to Soulja Boy’s ‘Pretty Boy Swag.’ Don’t you dare judge me.

2. This random white boy ran up to me and started juking on me (which I had no problem with, by the way).

3. I only had lunch yesterday and I drank so much that I stuffed my face in a bag full of chips just so I can get some type of carbs in my system to soak up the alcohol.

Ah, yes. The life of a single girl living in Pittsburgh.