A Tale of Two Chicas

There IS some humanity left in Pittsburgh September 11, 2011

This afternoon I headed to the Round Corner Cantina because I had a taste for their bomb tortas. Being that today is the Bears home opener, I decided to rock my Bears tee. So I was chilling, eating my torta, watching the Ravens open a can on the Steelers and constantly checking my phone getting my Bears update. The owner of Round Corner walks up to me and says something.

“What was that?” I asked.

“We can put the Bears game on for you,” he said.

I wanted to cry. You kind, kind man. Being the sweet-fucking-heart that I am, I thanked him but declined the offer because I didn’t want to inconvenience the other customers. I probably should have made him change it though. I would’ve been doing everyone a favor because the Steelers are getting a good whooping right now. Anyways, moral of the story is that I officially love that man.


Picture of the night… May 20, 2011

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