A Tale of Two Chicas

Loopty Loop. June 1, 2011

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Yay!! June 1st is here. I survived my final month at my old store after all. I’m back downtown working in the loop, good times indeed.

I can see why people like to stay and think that Chicago is the place to be. You’re free to pick and choose whatever type of lifestyle you’d like. Yes, that’s true. I can easily settle into one of the city neighbourhoods buy a wonderful home and settle my ass down forever if I wanted to. I can move into what Chicagoans call “trendy” neighbourhoods and live among artists, hipsters, and college kids. I can move to the loop: live among the expensive, over priced, fast paced Monday thru Friday people. The point is that Chicago’s lifestyles are endless, there are several options to pick from. Finding the right one that feels right can be a bit overwhelming.

So my point is this: yes I work in the loop now, yes I like it, and yes I still don’t expect anything else to change. Because for whatever reason no matter how much change one can create for themselves in this city- some how you’re limited to experiencing a full range of change. As my father says: “learn to live here, stop complaining, and settle or move the hell out. If you move out of Chicago and return you’ll see nothing has changed people stay the same.”

I feel like everything right now for this moment is exactly where its supposed to be.


Fast Forward: May 20, 2011

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There isn’t really a purpose or a point to this post. I’m a bit tired, sleepy, and happy. I’m ready for the summer. I’m ready for my adventure of some kind. Whether it consists of staying in Chicago a majority of the time or not, I’m ready to travel.
I need another trip lined up. I need a moment to escape Chicago and its people. I want a break to just chill out and relax. I work way too much. I’m not complaining but I’d like a minute to just take a break. I want to go to Vegas for a day or two. That would be awesome.