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I Don’t Do Computers May 23, 2011

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I’ve been trying to post up something for the past week and I still haven’t. It’s not that I keep forgetting. Or that I’m busy with school. Actually, I like to WordPress because it keeps me from doing school work. The thing is that I need to password protect it and I can’t password protect it from my phone, which means I have to do it through a computer.

And I have a computer. I just don’t turn it on. It’s a pain to turn on. It takes forever to load everything up. I live in an age where I can get a message from someone in .02 seconds. I don’t do waiting. So in order for me to avoid waiting, I just don’t turn on my computer. I haven’t turned it on in weeks. The last paper I worked on was the last time I touched my computer. I know, I know. My boo thang was seriously disturbed by this too.

How do I stay in touch with the outside world then? Through my BlackBerry, which, by the way, isn’t any better. I should just move in with a nice Amish family. I am in Pennsylvania after all.